DATED: 2nd of May 2018

It has been brought to our attention that incorrect information has been posted online and on social media about the credentials of some qualified Unclaimed Money Agents.

This malicious behaviour is being investigated. The source of this misconduct will remain anonymous until legal advice has been received.

To the Unclaimed Money Agents who have been targeted, be assured that several Justice Departments spoken with are comfortable with the manner in which those businesses are being conducted.

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia provides representation for industry members, by striving to educate the public in relation to what unclaimed money is, what they are entitled to, and how they can retrieve any money that is rightfully theirs including connection with a qualified and professional Unclaimed Money Agent.

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia also provides support and education services for agents in the unclaimed money industry, ensuring that the highest ethical standards are maintained.

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