At the beginning of your workday, set yourself achievable goals. Keep these goals clear and remain focused during the day. Interruptions are common and to be expected; however, by having a clear path of what you want to achieve and what you need to achieve will keep your day structured. By the way, always remember to have FUN during the day too!

First and foremost, and in no particular order – jot down everything you could possibly consider getting done in a day.

The next step is identifying which tasks are crucial/ urgent/essential and which tasks won’t have serious consequences if not completed by the end of the day. A very simple, logical approach to balancing work tasks is to have them written down and sorted in two columns:

  • “Important” and “Imperative”.

Allocate all work tasks into their appropriate category and start incorporating a DMO – Daily Method of Operation. Address, action and commit to your DMO every day. By assessing the value of your work, you will be able to identify which tasks carry the highest value to your business. Generally, the more people involved or impacted with these tasks, the higher the stakes.

It is quite fair to finish a shorter task than focussing on a ‘meatier’ task if that is what your gut is telling you. It can be quite motivating to complete a small task and get it off the list before diving into deeper waters!

Be reasonable about the expectations you place on yourself (and others). Always focus on the priorities that you know you must and can complete for the day.

Reality has also taught us that uncertainty and change is a given. Accept that your priorities will change, and usually when you least expect them to! Here’s a crucial tip…you want to stay focused on the tasks you are committed to completing.

  • Prepare for tomorrow! At the end of each day, make a to-do list for the next one
  • Strategic Decisions! Make the decision that will benefit the future YOU
  • Evaluate! Re-examine your processes to ensure they’re still working for you
  • Celebrate! Recognise and celebrate each small success along the way
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