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Membership to the Unclaimed Money Association gives you access to a wealth of industry knowledge. Including:

  • Support and advice in working with government bodies
  • Retrieval of money and other assets
  • Ethical guidelines
  • Government regulations

Networking with others within the industry and the sharing of ideas and knowledge is a valuable part of the Unclaimed Money Association and its goals for the unclaimed money industry in Australia.

The Unclaimed Money Association is an invaluable resource to those working within the unclaimed money industry. In the provision of services, support, education and training to people and organisations, whether they are just starting out, or are already established in the industry.

The Unclaimed Money Association has the resources available to help you and your business, whatever your needs may be. Accredited and registered Unclaimed Money Refund Service Provider wanting to join the Unclaimed Money Association should complete our membership registration:

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