Speaking courteously is the utmost of importance when conversing with clients, both potential and existing. Your clients will be expecting clear and concise information and your ability to answer their questions.

Take into consideration that your correspondence will also reflect your level of professionalism.

  • It is crucial the information is accurate and spell-checked
  • Use the appropriate salutation
  • Always have your contact details visible

Always remember this: we were born with two ears and one mouth, for a reason!

By actually hearing what your customer is telling you, shows that you care. If they’re confused or have a problem; listen and ask a clarifying question, proves you are not dismissing them.

Having a calm manner will help your customers remain calm as well. When a customer feels like you’re in control of the situation, they’ll have more confidence in your ability to help solve their problems.

Customer service is also about responding promptly and informatively to clients. Always look for ways to help your customers and look for ways to make doing business with you easy! It is extremely important to realise your limits. If you are unable to fulfill a request, help find an alternative solution.

Sometimes, somethings just go wrong…apologise straight away. Responding with “I’m sorry” has a very calming effect. Avoid any fault-finding but let your clients know you’re sorry there was a problem. Deal with it immediately and keep the line of communication open at all times. If you have been able to rectify the situation, let them know what you have done.

Most customer needs are emotional rather than logical. By communicating regularly you’re aware of problems or upcoming needs – therefore; the more you know your customers, the better you become at anticipating their needs. Your customer’s comfort level in knowing that you are available is high.

A simple, yet effective way of growing your business and skills is to ask for feedback. Devise appropriate methods for customers to give feedback, for example, a follow-up email, phone call or reviews if you’re using social media.

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