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Payment & Subscription

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia agrees to supply membership entitlements to you, the Applicant identified within the application form and agrees to confer with you the membership rights in accordance with our rules upon admission in consideration of you agreeing to pay the required subscription and complying with the rules of the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia.

If you do not pay your subscription by the due date:

  • Your membership rights are liable to be terminated; and
  • The membership services will be suspended until payment in full is received

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia does not refund or reimburse any portion of a subscription in advance. The Joining Fee is an annual administration charge and is not refundable. Cancellation of membership must be finalised 90 days before membership is due for renewal, otherwise the client will be considered an ongoing member and will incur the full annual fee.

Membership with the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia is not transferable from one agent to another.

Membership will be extended automatically for successive 12 month terms unless you send us written notice of intent to resign the membership at least 90 days before the end of the membership.

Membership Entitlements

The range of membership services current at the date of this application are set out at
The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia may suspend, vary or withdraw any of these services without notice.

Specialist Services
Supplemental, specialist and customised products may also be made available, on a fee for service basis, at special rates for members in most cases. Such products may include but are not limited to:

  • Seminars, Workshops and Conferences
  • Training Courses
  • Specialised Services
  • Awards for Excellence Programs
  • Representation and Mediation

To the extent permitted by the law, the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia excludes all liability including that arising by virtue of any implied conditions or warranties in relation to our services and to the extent that such liability cannot be lawfully excluded under the laws of New South Wales and the Commonwealth of Australia.

Access to Services

Services provided by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia will only be made to authorised representatives of the member property and will be made via any means and / or medium deemed appropriate by Unclaimed Money Association of Australia.

Membership / Cessation / Resignation / Termination
Members cease their membership only by giving us written notice. A resignation is effective no earlier than the date the written notice is received by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia and if no date is specified in the notice, no later than a fortnight after receipt.

Terminated members are considered to be new members and will incur a new member joining fee.

If we are unable to locate you and subscriptions are overdue, we may notify you of cancellation of your membership by writing to your last recorded registered address or email address as deemed appropriate.

Change of Owner Details

You must promptly notify us in writing of changes to your Owning Entity, legal name, employee numbers, ABN details, registered address or billing address (es) or principal contact details since changes may impact upon your employer obligations and our ability to deliver your membership services.


Please note that the information you provide on this form is “personal information” pursuant to the Privacy Act 1988 (“the Act”). This information is being collected for the purposes of processing your application, to provide you with membership services and to keep you informed of upcoming events, information and offers. The intended recipient of this information will be the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia and its service providers. Please note that the provision of this information by you is voluntary. However, if you do not provide the information requested, the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia may be unable to process your application or provide all agreed services. You have the right of access to, and alteration of, personal information concerning yourself held by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia in accordance with the Act. The information is being collected by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia and will be held by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia.


  1. Membership is activated when we receive from you a completed application form and payment.
  2. Membership is for one (1) year commencing on the date your application is accepted or part thereof as agreed.
  3. Membership will be extended automatically for successive 12 month terms unless you send us written notice you do not want it renewed at least 90 days before the end of the membership.
  4. Unless accessing monthly, quarterly or other direct debit facilities, all membership fees must be paid annually in advance.
  5. Membership may be suspended or terminated if your payment is not received within seven (7) days of the membership renewal date. In this circumstance, the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia reserves the right to recover the monetary benefit of any membership discount(s) received by the member whilst the member was in arrears.
  6. There is no refund of any membership fees should you cancel your membership at any stage during your membership year.
  7. Changes to membership fees will only be made at the time of annual renewal of your membership.
  8. Membership is not transferable.
  9. You must notify us of changes to your contact details in writing (hard copy by letter or fax) otherwise we may not be able to make our services available to you. Online services for editing contact details are available via the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia website.
  10. Services provided by The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia in relation to membership are only available to designated members and representatives. The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia accepts no liability for the provision of services to assigned representatives. The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia accepts no liability for the denial of services to individuals not designated as representatives of associated member properties.
  11. We reserve the right to change, from time to time, the services available to members.
  12. Any variations made to these Terms & Conditions may be made by the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia without express written notice to existing members and will be effective fourteen (14) days after the posting on the Unclaimed Money Association of Australiawebsite.

Direct Depositing Terms

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia offers payment of the annual membership fee via direct deposit or credit card.

Advisory Services

Any verbal advice provided by our advisers / consultants and staff:

  • is given in good faith;
  • is given on the basis that you have fully and accurately disclosed all relevant facts to us; and
  • relates only to the facts which you have disclosed to us and to your individual circumstances.

Verbal advice may not represent the only or definitive solution to your enquiry or contain all the detail required to answer your enquiry fully, as the nature of the communication is instantaneous and prevents extensive deliberation. You should carefully consider the extent to which our verbal advice suits your objectives, financial situation or needs before acting on it as we may not be able to take them fully into account during a brief telephone conversation or initial meeting.

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia is not liable for the provision and use of advice to designated representatives of any member property where that advice is used to the detriment of the related member property.

Corporate Memberships

The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia may from time to time establish corporate memberships with suppliers to the industry for a variety of purposes. Those memberships may include a financial contribution from the supplier in support of The Unclaimed Money Association of Australia on a flat rate annual basis, via rebate or on an ad hoc basis.

In relation to the provision of membership services:

  • we exclude all implied conditions and warranties, except those of which the exclusion would contravene any statute or cause any part of these terms and conditions to be void;
  • to the fullest extent permitted by law, we will not be liable for any loss or damage (whether foreseeable or not) suffered by any person acting on our advice, whether the loss or damage arises in connection with our negligence, default or lack of care, any misrepresentation or any other cause; and
  • our liability is limited to providing you with the services again.

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