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3 Steps You Can Take To Verify A Money Refund Agent

STEP 1: Ask An Agent for Proof Of UMAA Registration Number

You should always ask a money refund agent for their certificate of UMAA registration details as proof and validity of their training before signing any forms or commencing work to refund your lost funds. You will need their name, Registration number and the state in which they trade.

STEP 2: Verify their details with Unclaimed Money Association

If you are unsatisfied with just an agents proof of registration, you can verify their credibility with Unclaimed Money Association. We will tell you whether the agent/consultant you are working with is credible and send you verification of this.

STEP 3 Check their Website for Credibility

When an agent registers with the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia ( then he/she will receive a registration certificate of the Unclaimed Money Association of Australia registration) stamps of credibility including their UMAA registered number that they are required to list on their website to identify themselves to consumers.**

A legitimate agent will always have a website. It’s that simple, if an agent isn’t willing to identify themselves on the internet, then that should be ringing some serious alarm bells.

What Kind of Documents Should I Be Looking For

When verifying a refund agent, you should be looking for 3 things.

  1. An Association agents registration number and certificate of registration.
  2. Credibility stamps on their website advising consumers and clients of their Association registration.
  3. Membership to Unclaimed Money Association (we also produce our own credibility stamp as proof of membership that our members place on their website.)

Check That An Agent Is Registered?

We keep track of the unclaimed money industry and agent practices and industry trends.

The Unclaimed Money Association is the peak body for the Unclaimed Money Industry in Australia. The Unclaimed Money Association provides the industry, agents, government and the public with proper representation, information and education. The Unclaimed Money Association provides industry guidelines for service providers to best practice in the unclaimed money industry.




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