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The Unclaimed Money Association is the peak body for the Unclaimed Money Refund Industry within across Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Canada and The United Kingdom representing the industry and setting general practice guidelines in correlation with governing bodies and in line with the governing laws for unclaimed money practices across our jurisdictions.

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The Unclaimed Money Association provides representation for industry members, by striving to educate the public in relation to what unclaimed money is, what they are entitled to, and how they can retrieve any money that is rightfully theirs including connection with a qualified and professional Unclaimed Money Refund Service Provider.

The Unclaimed Money Association also provides support, training and education services for Refund Service Providers in the unclaimed money industry, ensuring that the highest ethical standards are maintained.

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Unclaimed Money Definition & Facts

Recent 2023 figures show a total pool of unclaimed money across our 5 jurisdictions is estimated at approximately $98.7 Billion dollars.

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Is The Refund Service Providers? You’re Dealing With Registered With The Unclaimed Money Association?

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The unclaimed Money Association does not provide any phone or in person customer service to the general public.

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Unclaimed Money Association

What We Do

Our Role

We act as the central representative body and a validation point that represents Refund Professionals to government and the general public and can help verify and provide authentication of Refund Service provider in a centralized service.

Refund Professionals

In our mission to support, endorse and support Refund Service providers to better deliver & assist in the refund process of lost funds and assets to its rightful owners, and by ensuring that individuals are made aware of funds that may be owed to them and representing them in the claim process.

Media Awareness

We help bring awareness to the refund industry, and represent Refund Professionals to government and the Community, in our efforts to reduce unclaimed and lost & missing assets that are withheld in the system by Holding Trust bodies across Australia, New Zealand, The USA, The UK, and Canada.


We help Refund Professionals in representation, validation via our Association Governing body, and to ensure Compliance in their day-to-day practices.

Legal Framework

The Unclaimed Money Association is the central validating body that supports and endorses Refund Professional- our legal framework is governed by the holding trust authority regulation and specific jurisdictional legislation; we adhere to specific unclaimed Money Acts specific to the relevant jurisdiction of our members.