Have You Verified Your Refund Service Provider?

The Unclaimed Money Association Will Run A FREE Search For You!

You should always ask a money refund service provider for their UMA membership number as proof and validity of their training before signing any forms or commencing work to refund your lost funds. You will need their name, Registration number and the state in which they trade.

If you are unsatisfied with just an agents proof of registration, you can verify their credibility with Unclaimed Money Association. We will tell you whether the agent/consultant you are working with is credible and send you verification of this.

The UMA holds extensive data and records of all registration agreements for unclaimed money Refund Service Providers. Upon request, individuals can check the authenticity of an agent’s registration or legitimacy and proof of training.

If you wish to check any of these things for a specific agent, the UMA will run a search of its records and send you a report based on its findings within 48 hours. The report will detail any past training they have received and whether or not they are a member of the UMA and/or hold a registration as an unclaimed Money Refund Service Provider.

To ensure that the verification process is completed correctly, please ensure that the details you provide below are accurate.

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